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The CIAP (the Center for the Interpretation of Architecture and Heritage) received the national label Tourism & Disability in 2010 for the four disabilities: hearing, mental, motor and visual.

It was awarded the Heritage for All, Heritage for Everyone prize by the Ministry of Culture in 2011.
It was the winner of the Trophées de l’accessibilité 2013 in the category of establishments open to the public.

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You have a dedicated referent for accessibility: Typhaine ROUXEL. You can contact her by email or call her on her direct line (02 43 58 13 08).

Motor disability

3 parking spaces for people with reduced mobility are available, located 100 meters from the castle reception. When you arrive in Sainte-Suzanne, take the Henri IV street and follow the signs “Château Ciap” and park on the parking spaces marked at the entrance in front of the castle courtyard.

The alleys of the courtyard of the fortress are covered with a thin layer of sand, the average slope on the site is 5% with a peak at 11%, surrounded by rest areas.

The access to the toilets of the sheepshelter as well as those of the Ciap (the Center for the Interpretation of Architecture and Heritage) on the 1st and 2nd floor is adapted. The toilets on the first floor of the Ciap are not adapted.

The height of the desks and the model bases allow easy access to the information in the information in the permanent exhibition.

An elevator allows you to visit all the exhibition levels (only two small exhibition rooms are inaccessible to wheelchair users).

In the courtyard of the castle, the floors of the keep and the sheepfold, as well as the top of the ramparts are inaccessible.

Visual disability

Models and tactile samples are installed in the exhibition rooms.

Large print cards.

5 monocular magnifying glasses are available for free loan at the Ciap 5(the Center for the Interpretation of Architecture and Heritage) reception.

Mental disability

Models, sound and touch animations guarantee an interactive and immersive visit.

A map of the Ciap and room cards in FALC (easy to read and understand for the French FALC “Facile à lire et à comprendre”) with synthetic and easily accessible content and easy to access are available at the reception desk and in the exhibition rooms.

The signage associated with text is designed inside Ciap (the Center for the Interpretation of Architecture and Heritage).

Hearing impairment

Magnetic loops are available at the Ciap (the Center for the Interpretation of Architecture and Heritage) reception and in the conference room.

The videos of the permanent exhibition are subtitled in French.

5 videos in LSF (French Sign Language) presenting the monuments and the history of the fortress of Sainte-Suzanne. The loan of tactile tablets at the reception is free.

For more comfort and tranquility, we advise you to visit the medieval city, the castle and the Ciap (the Center for the Interpretation of Architecture and Heritage) in the morning, outside the school vacations.

No prior reservation is necessary before your visit to the site.

It takes 1h30 to visit the site (45 minutes to visit the courtyard of the castle and 45 minutes to visit the Ciap).

Fixed seats are available in the rooms, as well as folding seats and wheelchairs, on request at the Ciap reception.
For more information, consult our accessibility register by clicking here (Only available in french) :

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